martedì 3 aprile 2012

Georgiana's Garden blog

Georgiana's garden is a really interesting blog about the Victorian age and the Georgian age.

In this blog you can find tons of informations (in italian language) and many many interesting photos and pictures.

lunedì 26 marzo 2012

Vintage Corset, the corsetière


here you are a short bio of the Corsetière of

The corsetière developed in 1999 the passion for the art of narrowing the body.
Ephanie is initially corsetière of her own body, then moved to the transformation of the bodies of others.
In 2003 she chose to refine her technique, becoming a specialist in corseterie victorienne.
Mastering the technique of that time, the game of processing and flattening the body becomes fluid.
In this way, every desire can be satisfied: a corset that emphasizes shapes, cancels other, carving the dreamed silhouette. 
The French culture of the corsetière imposes absolute elegance in the design of her creations. Over 15 years in Lisbon gave born to the fascination for exotic materials. There she also matured a long experience in all kinds of costumes and a strong specialization in wedding dresses. And then 5 years in Italy, that signify style and aesthetic richness.

Ephanie, the corsetière, chooses to develop her fashion creations in restored original vintage materials.
Thus was born Vintage Corset: a neo-classical atelier where you can realize your desires about dresses and costumes.
Our customers have the opportunity to ask for their own personal requirements, indicating photos, links, videos, reference materials, and they can also send to the atelier their special, beloved, tissues and fabrics to work with.
In the section "custom made" our Customers can build their own corset choosing between various options and asking us for a quote.
In the section "shopping" there are dresses created by Atelier, with the indication of their "vintage purity"

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